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Please Protect Us From Ron Paul

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From disinter:

Grizzle Griz has written a Ron Paul article that will literally make you laugh out loud. Here are some excerpts:

On foreign policy:

Because he advocates trade, negotiation, and overall positive relationships with other nations, he is a strict isolationist.

Paul’s foreign policies are backward like Colin Powell’s in 2002. He believes the Bush Administration should pursue Osama Bin Laden rather than lure him into Iraq where he will, no doubt, turn himself into the authorities any day.

On the economy:

Paul’s economic policies are reactionary: hailing from the colonial times when Ronald Regan was the President.

On being a Republican:

His affiliation with the Republican Party is equally laughable. By adhering to its core principles he represents its radical fringe. Having spent one year in the libertarian party and seventy-two in the Republican Party, it is questionable where his loyalties truly lie.

On support from the military:

He is rightly ignored by the troops. Although the FEC reports that Dr. Paul has received more money than any other candidate from veterans and active-duty personnel, his opponents, who don’t believe in conspiracies, know his supporters simply colluded with the FEC to deceive the public.

On his supporters:

His supporters can be even more dangerous. They bring heated debates to political blogs and news columns, which were once serene and comfortable forums to trade baking recipes. His entire support consists of three potheads and one neo-Nazi who each raided their mother’s purses to contribute 15 million dollars over the course of his campaign.

On conspiracies:

Perhaps the most alarming aspect of Dr. Paul is that he, himself believes in conspiracies. In June, he was recorded on camera saying “hmm” to a spokesman for the 9/11 Truth group. He has also stated that some people may be ideologically driven to advocate for a North American Union and highway.

The best part:

Los Angeles Times columnist, Stephen Braun, proved Paul was wrong by interviewing three men filling potholes on Interstate 5. “There is no such highway” they all explained, replacing future tense with present.

Priceless. Read the rest here.

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Written by defiedreality

December 13, 2007 at 4:20 pm